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Corporate Training and Event Management.

Programs and Training Modules

Wild Water Rafting

 Easy paddle through the lush rain forest to witness the abundant wildlife which includes of birds, coatis and silky ant eaters. Immerse yourself in indescribable beauty, where nature reveals it flawlessness. In the jungle, everything flows harmoniously; blend of fresh water, the diversity of most extraordinary plants and the wildlife in entire splendor.  

 Belum Nature Experience

2 Days 1 Night or 3 Days 2 Nights

 Begin your adventures with leisurely treks to Royal Belum experience the boat ride, Aborigine settlement, rafflesia sighting and salt lick to get yourself perfectly tune with nature.


Langkawi Geo-park Adventures

3 Days 2 Nights

 As with all nature adventures, a journey provides an exciting way to see the mangrove trees, eagles species and caves. Presentation and conservation of stalagmites and stalactites and all caves dwelling creatures are out-most importance. Many caves are still not fully explores and remain an alluring enticing adventures for curious tourist.


4WD Off Road Experience

Full Day, 2 Days 1 Night or 3 Days 2 Nights

Location: Kedah and Thailand

 Experience our most challenging treks and test out your endurance tour. We will take you through the natural landscape; experience the rich flora and fauna of forest reserve. The atmosphere here will keep you cool and fresh.

Fishing and Trolling

Great fishing has always attracted the avid angler to Temengor Lake. Many areas around the lake and rivers challenge the enthusiast to pit their best skill against mother nature for their elusive dream catch.

Snorkelling Trip

Diving and snorkelling at “Pulau Payar Marine Park”. Experience the largest variety of corals in Malaysia. Inclusive of equipment, larvish lunch and refreshment.

Paintball (Jungle - Scenario)

¢Rate : RM128 per person

  Min – 12pax

 ¢Inclusive of :

  - Basic Adventure Skill

  - Paintball gun

  - 100 shot capacity magazine

  - Full face and eye protection - protective hood

  - Lunch


Paintball (Jungle - Mission)

  Min  - 12pax / Max – 40pax

¢Inclusive of :

   - Semi-automatic paintball gun

  - 250 shot capacity magazine

  - Camouflage overalls

  - Full face and eye protection-protective hood

  - A game scenarios

  - Meal

  - T-shirt


 Our Corporate Training

 Stress Management For Managers & Executives

¢Course Content :

  - Causes of Stress – Signs and Symptoms

  - Recognizing Type A & B Behavior

  - Managing Weakness

  - Self Healing Relaxation Technique

 ¢Methodology : This is an action-oriented workshop with a step-by-step practical instruction to show participants how to use more of their minds to manage stress effectively

¢No. Of Participant : Max 20

¢Duration of course : 1 Day (9.30am – 5.30pm)

¢Course Fee : RM3500.00 


Customer Service Excellence

 ¢Course Objectives :

  - To instill awareness of the importance of professional and courteous service

  - To show how to implement these skills to minimize complaints and enhance your corporate image, leading to more sales and satisfied customers.

  - To be equipped with a competitive edge

 ¢Methodology : This is an practical and action-oriented workshop. Course methods will include a combination of lectures, group discussion, role-play and case studies.

¢No. Of Participant : Max 20

¢Duration of course : 2 Day (9.30am – 5.30pm)

¢Course Fee : RM7000.00


Effective Coaching & Counseling For Managers and Supervisors

 ¢Course Objectives :

 At the end of the course, participants should be able to understand and apply the acquired knowledge on coaching and counseling skills in managing people, thus solving many organizational problems.

 ¢Methodology :

This is an practical and action-oriented workshop. Course methods will include a combination of lectures, group discussion, role-play emphasizing on “learning in moments of enjoyment.”

 ¢No. Of Participant : Max 20

¢Duration of course : 2 Day (9.30am – 5.30pm)

¢Course Fee : RM7000.00


Effective Supervision & Leadership Skills

 ¢Course Objectives :

 After this course, supervisors will be able to increase their job awareness in relation to their responsibilities when supervising their subordinates. They will also acquire skills in exercising their leadership functions

 ¢Methodology :

For effective work resort, training will be emphasized on the relevance of supervisor’s own work. The course method will include mix of lectures, role-play and group discussion. It is focused on learning in moment of enjoyment.

¢No. Of Participant : Max 20

¢Duration of course : 2 Day (9.30am – 5.30pm)

¢Course Fee : RM7000.00


 Event Management & Skills in Selling

¢Course Objectives:

¢Learn the Secret Formula which will provide with the skills to become a successful in preparing an event and to plan any event your company needs to   organize.

 ¢Who Should Attend

¢Any employee involve in organize the event.

¢Key Topics

¢Preparation before the event

¢Pre event planning

¢What your event needs

¢Finding a venue

¢Evaluating event

¢How to create an immediate impression

¢Selling your product effectively

¢Step by step to approach to successful selling


¢ A participative course lectures and group activities

¢Number of participants       :   Maximum 15

¢Duration                            :   Two days

¢Investment                         :   RM 7000.00


Teambuilding Skill

 ¢Course Objectives:

¢These days are tough and so we to get going. This course will develop your motivational skills in the context of the current conditions. You will learn how to build and develop teams of employees We need team builders produce it through their dynamic charisma you too have this and as a result make progress. Any other perspective is negative and will produce failure.

 ¢Key Topic

¢We must have goals in life

¢Steps to successful destination

¢How we live life

¢Reduce frustration and jealously with yourself

¢Think we can – let do it

¢You are responsible for your life

¢Develop your positive work attitude

¢Identify the commonality between working and life goals

¢Negativity, where does it come from? How does negativity affect you?

¢Who Shoul Attend

¢Executive, Supervisor and all employees


¢A participative course group exercise, lecture and role play

 ¢Number Of Participants  :  Maximum 20

¢Duration Of Course        :  Two (2) Days

¢Investment                    :  RM7000.00


Train The Trainer (Hospitality)

¢Course Objectives: 

¢The three (3) days of this programmer focus on trainer to present materials. All examples and situations used in the course will from the hospitality and can be customized to suit local needs.  ¢ Who Should Attend ¢ Head of Departments , Managers , Executives, Supervisors

 ¢Key Topics

 Day 1

¢Why Train?

  The session examines benefits and cost associated with workplace training. It identifies the categories of people who usually require training

¢The Role Of An Effective Trainer?

  The characteristics of ban effective trainer are identified and participants practice techniques.

¢How Adults Learn?

  This session highlights the principles of adult learning and how they differ to those of the more traditional classroom instruction.

¢Writing Training Objectives

  A fundamental part of effective training is ability to produce clearly defined objectives.

¢Analyzing A Task

  In this session the group examines how a task should be broken into its parts so that effective and logical instructions can be improved.

 DAY 2

¢Review & Reinforcement

¢Question and Feedback

  Here the importance of group Activity and interaction is discussed. Styles and forms of questions are examined and the characteristics of effective feedback identified.

¢Preparing A session Plan

  Preparation is the key to a successful training session. In this session the mechanics of putting together a session plan are practiced. Participants are requested to prepare a variety of session plans utilizing all the principles gained from the course so far.

¢Trainees and the Learning Environment

  An examination of how the physical learning environment impacts on the learning ability of the trainees.

¢Assessing and Evaluating Training

  Knowing when objectives have been achieved and assessing how effective the training has been, are essential aspects of good training. This session examines the issues and provides participants with guidelines to follow.

 Day 3 

¢Review and Reinforcement

  A short review and reinforcement of topics covered in the past three days.

¢Training Presentations

  Each of participants conducts a 20 minute training session on a topic of their choice in the hospitality field. The training session is assessed and evaluated by the course leader. The participants are expected to demonstrate the application of what they have learned from the last three days.

¢Course Summary and Evaluation

  The final session in this section allows the course participants to provide feedback on quality, content and usefulness of course.

¢Number of participants  :  Maximum 20

¢Duration of Course  :  Three (3) Days

¢Investment  :  RM9000.00


Train The Trainer

 ¢Course Objectives:

¢In order to the establish the objective, Manager or Supervisor must be able to organize themselves in order steer their resources towards organizational goals. 


¢The Power Of Mind ¢Leader Effectiveness

¢ Interpersonal Communication

¢Magic Numbers In Goal Setting

¢ Positive Mental ¢Introspection- “The Art Of Seeing Thyself”

¢Scenario Building ¢“Vision”

¢ Corporate Excellence

 ¢Who Should Attend

¢Managers , Executives, Potential Supervisor

 ¢Number Of Participants  :       Maximum 20

¢Duration of Course         :       Two (2) Days

¢Investment                    :       RM 7000.00


How to Coach & Counsel Subordinates for Improved Work Performance

Course Benefit

At the end of the course, participants should be able to understand and practice the acquired knowledge to be more effective in managing their subordinates, using the methodology of coaching and counseling thus contributing towards higher organisational productivity through better work performance of their team members.

Course Contents

1. Basic concept of EFFECTIVE Coaching and Counseling.

2. Using coaching and counseling as modality in managing subordinates.

3. The 6 coaching process

4. The 3 basic counseling process

5. Understanding Human Behavior and how people cope with their problem - Looking into th PRIMARY EXPERIENCE.

6. The link between NEGATIVE EMOTION & ATTITUDE.

7. The impact of different COMMUNICATION STYLE.

8. The techniques in helping subordinates manage their NEGATIVE ATTITUDE.

9. Understanding the DIFFICULT subordinates

10. Professional Ethics in counseling

11. Using your CHARACTER as a tool to enhance coaching & counseling process

12. Building Self-Confidence & High Self-Esteem


This practical-oriented workshop using short lectures, group dynamics and experiental exercises focusing on learning in moments of enjoyment.

Duration of Course           : 2 Days

Investment                       : RM7000.00